We would like to inform you that we are closely monitoring the developments regarding the covid-19 virus and because the safety of our guests and partners is our first priority, we are adapting the rules of operation of our accommodation to the new health protocols as follows:

1. Proper and frequent hand washing or disinfection is important for our health and our visitors (hand disinfection stations in the reception and in the breakfast room)
2. New time for check in: 15:00 and check out: 11:00
This change in the time interval between each check in and check out is mandatory to ensure that between different customers the room is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as well as that adequate natural ventilation of the space is succeeded.
3. Keep a record of the persons who stayed at the hotel, so that it is possible to communicate with the close contacts of any case of covid 19 that may be identified afterwards (reasons for protection of public health)
4. Increased cleaning and disinfection measures in public areas with emphasis on reception, elevators (indoor, outdoor, buttons), game handles, shared bathrooms and keys/room-cards, as well as keeping safety distances with proper floor marking (4 people / 10sqm, 1.5 distance in queue for check in or check out)
5. It is recommended to use the elevator only for carrying luggage or when necessary (elderly, people with mobility or other problems)
6. Prohibition of entry into the rooms to non-residents
7. The electronic payment of accommodation expenses is recommended (cash acceptance in exceptional cases)
8. The cleaning of the rooms and the disinfection is done with products that have the approval of the EOF (information at the customer’s disposal if requested).

  • Rooms are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and ventilated 4 hours before a new customer arrives (if another customer has arrived the day before).
  • The fabric surfaces in the furniture of the rooms are cleaned with steam devices, after each departure.
  • Extra pillows and blankets have been removed from the closets of the rooms, for reasons of hygiene and safe storage (the customer may go to the reception and ask for any of them)

9. Abolition of daily change of clothing and towels, only at the request of the customer
10. Breakfast is served to customers in the breakfast room exclusively by the hotel staff. Those customers who are not entitled to breakfast in their reservation and wish to have this benefit, must declare it from the previous day (to avoid overcrowding in the room, due to reduced seats and safekeeping), otherwise they will not be able to have this provision
11. Personal protective equipment (PPE), if requested by the customer

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