32ο Φεστιβάλ Ναυπλίου 2023

Πρόγραμμα32ο Φεστιβάλ Ναύπλιο 8 - 16 Ιουλίου 2023 Σάββατο 8 Ιουλίου, Πλατεία Αγίου Γεωργίου, 21:00 The Underground Youth Orchestra Μουσικές νεανικές ιστορίες Κώστας Ηλιάδης, διεύθυνση ορχήστρας Μαρία Ευθυμίου, ιστορικός Κυριακή 9 Ιουλίου Παλαμήδι, 21:00 Ιστορίες για λευκά και  μαύρα πλήκτρα: Ο Παύλος Τσίμας «συνομιλεί» με την Αλεξία Μουζά Παύλος Τσίμας Αλεξία Μουζά, πιάνο Δευτέρα 10Read More


We would like to inform you that we are closely monitoring the developments regarding the covid-19 virus and because the safety of our guests and partners is our first priority, we are adapting the rules of operation of our accommodation to the new health protocols as follows: 1. Proper and frequent hand washing or disinfectionRead More

Nafplio Castle Run 2019

The countdown to the only race in Greece has begun! The countdown to the only race in Greece, the race of the ascendant of the glorious castle of Palamidi, began, with the start of registrations. This important event will be held for the 5th year in the beautiful Argolida. Runners who will apply will enjoyRead More


We want to thank UCDAVIS for their trust. Hope to see you next year UCDAVIS ABROAD STUDY

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Travelers, Migrants & Tourists

Travelers, Migrants & Tourists Hosted by Harvard University’s Center of Hellinic Studies, Greece

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STUDY ABROAD IN GREECE SUMMER 2019 WITH PROF. HARIS SOROVIGAS JULY 7th – AUGUST 4th Business Law, Ethics and Sustainability in an Emerging Global Marketplace

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